Terrorist Attack Radisson Blu Hotel In Bamako, Mali. Indians Among Hostages.

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7:30 pm 20 Nov, 2015

The Radisson Blue Hotel in Mali’s capital of Bamako came under attack by terrorists.

They took 170 hostages of which 80 have been freed so far. Three have been killed.


Security forces guiding freed hostages to safety.. @HFerdjani/Twitter

Security forces guiding freed hostages to safety.. @HFerdjani/Twitteru


Of the hostages, 20 are Indians. They work for a Dubai-based company.



French nationals are among those held hostage.


Map Mali


Security forces said that the seventh floor of the hotel is where much of the gunfire is coming from.


Radisson Blu Hotel

A file photo of Radisson Blue hotel.

France has deployed 50 elite troops to assist in the Mali operation.


Malian Special Forces have stormed the hotel to rescue the hostages.



A rescued hostage said that the gunmen spoke in English.

Sékouba ‘Bambino’ Diabate, a Guinean singer was was rescued by security forces, said: “I heard them say in English ‘Did you load it?’, ‘Let’s go’.”


Mali is a former French colony, which is battling with Islamist extremist allies of al Qaeda.

At Mali’s request, France launched an offensive in 2013 after radical Islamists seized the strategic town of Konna in the former French colony.   Northern_Mali_conflict.svg

It is the world’s most dangerous place for UN peacekeepers.

UN Missions

Social media also pointed out that Facebook is yet to create a flag overlay for Mali like they did during the Paris attacks.



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