A Kid Born With Both Male And Female Genitalia Worshipped As Shiva’s Avatar In Bihar

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12:56 pm 28 Aug, 2015

In an age where science has progressed so much that very less is left to mystery, unusual things continue to baffle us. A child was born with both male and female genitals in Chhattarpur, Bihar.

While a human born with both male and female genitals, though rare, is not a mystery, the unusual part is that villagers, who usually shun such kids out of ignorance, started worshiping the child, and calling him “Ardhanishvar” –  Shiva’s avatar.


The Hermaphrodite (scientific term for this condition) was initially taken to the Pakribaranwah PHC after the family found out that he had both male and female genital.

The PHC then referred the panic stricken family to Sadar Hospital, where doctors were left in a fix as to what to do in such situation.

Meanwhile, the news about the child spread like wildfire and villagers started flocking the hospital just to get a glimpse of the child and worship him with folded hands.

The child’s future might be in a precarious situation, but there are one thing that is certain: religious beliefs continue to dominate science.

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