8 Reasons Major Gaurav Arya’s ‘Patriot’ Is Essential For Everyone Who Loves India

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10:00 am 7 Jul, 2017

People have taken freedom of free speech as a way to showcase their patriotism through rude comments and death and rape threats on social media. The same tool is used by a section which loves insulting the Indian armed forces and the sacrifice of the soldiers. While the former’s support for the real heroes of patriotism, the soldiers, is limited to social media posts and comments only, the latter is completely ignorant of how our soldiers live and die for the motherland. Without knowing what they go through or what the actual scenario is, we start diving into ‘nationalist’ and ‘anti-nationalist’ debates. This is exactly where Major Gaurav Arya’s TV show ‘Patriot’ is needed!

So, here’s why watching ‘Patriot’ is essential for everyone who loves India.

1. The stories are real and not fabricated or fictional

Unlike war movies or war serials, the tales presented here are real and are narrated by the soldiers themselves.


2. Major Gaurav Arya has himself served in the Indian army

The face presenting the stories is authentic too! Most other shows, be it on crime or history, are hosted by people who are not experts in the field. Here is a host who has himself had the taste of it all.


3. The content presented here holds substance

From war stories to telling us about how the jawans live and to telling us about the kind of weapons used, all the content presented on the show holds substance and real-life authenticity.


4. The locations are war memorials and war sites

We’ve read about the wars. We’ve heard the stories. But we have not visited the sites where the wars happened. And here’s a chance to have a look and feel nothing but pride on what the soldiers achieved through their sacrifices.


5. We get a taste of what a soldier’s life is truly like

A day in the life of the jawans is brought to our knowledge and we can experience it second-hand through this show. We can finally know what a soldier sacrifices, and what kind of struggles he goes through on an everyday basis to keep us and the country safe. Wouldn’t that make us proud? It’ll make us want to do something positive for the country!


6. A real opportunity to get up close and personal with the jawans

Through the show Major Arya gives a chance to actually meet and greet the soldiers! They’re there on our screens in flesh and blood which has never been done before!


Reuters/Danish Ismail

7. There is no politics involved here

No debates, no leaders and no news anchors are present here. It is not a discussion between experts either. So there is no politics involved!


8. All major wars are spoken about

From the 1962 Indo-China war to the 1999 Kargil war, Major Arya covers all the details about every war India has fought since the independence. The history, stories, the kind of weapons used, who were the soldiers involved, talking to the soldiers who fought those wars and taking us through the war zones where the wars took places; everything is covered on the show and each episode covers a different war story.


Actions speak louder than words, and this is the perfect example of that. Shows like ‘Patriot’ are needed to show us the mirror and tell us who and what actually brings pride to the nation and why we should love our country.

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