Maj Gaurav Arya Points Out How PM Modi Destroyed Pakistan’s Master Plan Against India

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3:46 pm 10 Nov, 2016

The evening Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the scrapping of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 denomination notes were the worst in the life of two kinds of people: those having black money and those dealing in fake currency.

The first kind were Indians who were indulging in a treasonous act of hurting the country’s economy. The second operated from across the border in Pakistan.

While much has been written about the how PM Modi’s move is a fatal blow to the black money menace, it is Major Gaurav Arya, an Indian Army veteran, whose interesting account of how the same move has now ended Pakistan’s grand design of destabilising India.

He begins with a short history of how the Nazi’s began counterfeiting the British Pound to hurt the British economy:

142 inmates, mostly Jewish, were gathered from Sachsenhausen and Auschwitz, both concentration camps with an evil reputation of sending Jews to the gas chambers. Top German artists, forgers and mathematicians were brought together under the express orders of Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. Bernhard Krüger was made the mission leader, with express orders from Hitler to print counterfeit currency of an extremely high quality, which would pass even the closest of examinations.

They called it Operation Bernhard.


A diver fishing out forged notes from Lake Toplitz, Austria. BritishNotes

A diver fishing out forged notes from Lake Toplitz, Austria. BritishNotes

Major Arya then points out how the same tactics was employed by the Inter -Services Intelligence (ISI) against India:

Soon after the first Afghan Jihad ended in 1989, the ISI started its secret mission of printing counterfeit Indian currency to destabilize India’s economy and fund its own version of “Jihad” in Kashmir. This counterfeit money was also to be used for funding terrorist activities in India. The modus operandi was the same as Operation Bernhard.

So widespread was the practice that the government gave it a name. FICN (Fake Indian Currency Note) is now an accepted nomenclature for counterfeit Indian currency.

He quotes intelligence sources who commented on the very high quality of the counterfeits:

“The perfection of window and watermark formulation indicates the manufacture of FICN paper on regular currency making machines, which can only be owned by a country or state.”

And that key qualities of the paper matched that of the Pakistani Rupee:

“Most of the pivotal parameters of the paper like GSM (paper density measured in grams per square meter), Wax Pick Quotient, and Poly Vinyl Alcohol and PH Values were found matching with the legal tender of Pakistan.”


S. Thanthoni/The Hindu

S. Thanthoni/The Hindu

The fake currency is supplied into India by Pak-based terror groups through Dubai, Bangladesh and Nepal and via border areas in India:

The main channels of funneling this cash into India are D Company (owned and controlled by Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar of Karachi), Lashkar-e-Toiba (owned and controlled by Hafiz Mohammad Saeed of Muridke) and Al-badr (owned and controlled by Jasneil Rihal of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa).


This ISI-sponsored operation helped Pakistan earn a massive Rs.500 crore in annual revenue. It was this money that they used to finance terror activities in India.

Since the counterfeits were mostly of denomination Rs.1000, Modi government’s move to scrap the note ends the plans of terrorists and the ISI in Pakistan.

You can read Maj Arya’s entire post here.

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