Maharashtra Plans To Remove Road Tax , VAT And Registration Fee For Electric Vehicles

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1:42 pm 5 Jan, 2016

As Delhi government tests out its odd-even formula to reduce pollution in the national capital, Maharashtra government has come out with its own ambitious plan to get the state’s pollution under control.

Maharashtra government recently declared that they plan to waive off value added tax, road tax and registration charges for all electric vehicles that are bought in the state.



Talking about the initiative, Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal said:

“I am committing to you publicly that Maharashtra will waive VAT, Road Tax and registration for all electric vehicles in the state.”

He further added that the state would also extend their support towards any “cost effective solutions” that would help make India cleaner and greener.



With regards to waiving charges on electric vehicles, Goyal said he has already taken up the issue with the Centre and is hoping to get a positive feedback soon. He added:

“I spoke to the chief minister (Devendra Fadnavis) about 15 minutes ago… and I can assure you that we will make that happen. We want to see faster roll out of electric vehicles not only (Mahindra Group’s electric vehicle) Reva but all electric vehicles in the country.”

With regards to providing charging points for electric vehicles in petrol pumps, Goyal said the government is working towards building up that infrastructure, which could be a public-private partnership.


At present there are not too many options with regard to hybrid cars or e-cars in India, and even the existing models are costly, ranging from Rs 5.5 lakh (Mahindra Reva – e2o) or up.


Though there was initially news about Tesla moving to India and the possibility of Tesla chief executive, Elon Musk opening doors to hybrid cars within India, the rumours were put to rest when Musk decided to go to China instead.

For Tesla, there is also setback with regards to production, as they reportedly have supplied only 208 Model X cars in 2015.


Anthony Levy

Anthony Levy – Elon Musk with Tesla’s Model X Car

Despite no official information regarding the Maharashtra government’s proposal is available, the initiative if taken, would attract people towards buying hybrid cars and reducing the pollution levels.

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