Delhi-Varanasi Mahamana Express Goes From Luxury To Dump Within A Fortnight

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3:30 pm 1 Feb, 2016

 In a shocking and shameful incident, India’s first luxury train built under the Modi government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, has been befouled to the extent that it is now negatively trending on social media.



The train, that was pride of India just a week back now looks like it has not been cleaned for months.


While Mahamana Express has not even been on the tracks for a month, the sorry state of the train shows why government should not be the only one blamed for the failure of its schemes.

The new superfast train was flagged off just last month on January 22 and connects Delhi to Varanasi in a matter of just 14 hours.


Named after Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, who was the co-founder of the Benaras Hindu University, the train covers the distance of nearly 800 km between the two cities and makes a stop at six major stations across UP.


Within a week of train becoming operational, the condition of the train has deteriorated and one can see bits of papers and garbage scattered all over the train.


In addition, parts of washroom taps and toilet utilities have disappeared over the week, and many of the washbasins and waste-basket are overflowing with water and garbage.


This is shameful since neither the passengers nor the Railway authorities have been able to keep the train clean for even a week.

What is sadder is the fact that ‘Swachata Abhiyan’ has been PM Modi’s ambitious initiative and Varanasi is his Lok Sabha constituency.


The news came into focus when pictures of the new train started making rounds on the internet, and showed the sad situation it is currently in.







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