Magician Darcy Oake Is A National Treasure With Unbelievable Magic, Someone Please Inform Our Lord

Just before his performance,  Darcy Oake, 26, charmed the audience with his explanation of how he got attracted to magic carrier: “Actually I had hopes and dreams of becoming a doctor, but my parents insisted I become a magician,” said Oake. He is not only the famous face in his family, his father Scott, is a Gemini Award-winning sports caster who hosts “After Hours” for CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada. After watching this 3 minutes and 52 seconds video, you will be amazed and shocked asking where the heck he was keeping those doves. I am sorry you won’t get an answer to that but you will get a lifetime 3 minutes that you will always remember. Have a look below and prepare to make a face like this:

britain's got talent


Credit: Britain’s Got Talent via youtube

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