Madhavan’s ‘Saala Khadoos’ Trailer Is Exciting, Thrilling And Nerve-wracking

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9:00 pm 17 Dec, 2015

The shy-timid Manu we’ve been seeing on-screen for the past few years has made his way to an embittered, explosive boxing coach in Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Saala Khadoos’ – and we must say it’s a mystifying change.


The 2.4 minute trailer, apart from being neatly edited, is action-packed and enticing.

“Kaun kehta hai India me talent nahi hai, sports mein se politics hata ke dekho, gali gali me champions milenge.”


Although comparisons will be drawn with ‘Chakh De India’ and ‘Mary Kom’, Rajkumar Hirani believes there are different ways to say the same story.

“This is a sports film so there would be a coach, similarities… But there are various ways of saying the same story… What inspired me was the unique story but we work so slow that something always comes first. When we were making ‘PK’, ‘Oh My God’ came and when we started making this, ‘Mary Kom’ came. So we really can’t help that.”


Ritika Singh, who is apparently a real-life wrestler, brings her champ attitude on-screen brilliantly. She looks fiery yet adorable. For the first time, a sport-movie doesn’t seem hesitant to bring a coach-student romance to tangibility.

‘Saala Khadoos’ is the story of a banished boxing coach who sees a passionate hunger for boxing in a small-town, feisty girl played by Ritika. It traces the tumultuous journey of the duo as they prepare for the big game. 

Catch the trailer here and tell me you can’t wait for its release till January 29:

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