In Lucknow, Muslims Put Up Banners In Support Of The Construction Of Ram Temple In Ayodhya

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2:38 pm 31 Mar, 2017

Recently, some major developments regarding the dispute over the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya have taken place.

Yogi Adityanath, an avid supporter of building the temple in Ayodhya, was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh this very month. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of India has advised out-of-court settlement for the suit.

In order to express their support for the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, some Muslim organisations have put up huge banners in Lucknow. 10 such hoardings were positioned in different parts of the city by Azam Khan, the president of Sri Ram Mandir Nirman Muslim Kar Sevak Manch.

Banner put up in Lucknow in support of Ram temple. Photo:@rajs66

The organisation asserts that these hoardings were put after the Supreme Court’s suggestion for amicable conclusion of the matter between parties. After the apex court’s advice, Azam Khan formed a group of like-minded Muslims and is trying to create a consensus within the community on this subject.

Ruins of Babri Masjid

For his audacious move, Azam Khan has been constantly getting threatening calls and has, therefore, sought security from the Police. He is also availing protection from two private bodyguards at the moment.

Azam Khan maintains that the Hindu-Muslim dispute over the Ram temple in Ayodhya can be solved in minutes if the self-proclaimed leaders of both communities stay out of the matter, as the common people belonging to either community have no problem in the construction of Ram temple.

He has already registered an FIR in this regard but is yet to receive any security from the Uttar Pradesh Police. He openly chants Jai Shree Ram and says that Lord Ram is equally respectable to Muslims as to Hindus.

BJP had included the promise to make a positive move in this matter if it was voted to power in Uttar Pradesh. And now, BJP’s Yogi Adityanath is the Chief Minister of the state. The party is yet to reveal its strategy on the issue


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