Lt. Gen. K.J. Singh Explains How India Is Practicing ‘Two Strike Corps’ Strategy To Take On Pakistan

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11:30 am 1 Aug, 2016

General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lt. Gen. KJ Singh, recently gave an interview giving insight into the new strategies that has been worked out by the Western Command.


With these new strategies, the Western Command plans to take its traditional adversary on the western borders, as well as take counter-terrorism measures to control infiltration.

Giving insight into the operations, Lt. Gen Singh gave a brief detail as to what has been going on for the past two years.

He said :



Further explaining what he means by “centre of gravity”, Lt. Gen. Singh said:



Giving insight on ORBAT he said that India has already started practicing using ‘Two Strike Corps’ in so as to cause “psychological dislocation”.

He explained that unlike the desert, in the west command they do not need to go in deep as the objectives are shallow and sensitive and thus India applies sufficient force so they can get a decisive victory over their enemies. He then proudly adds that India has “war-gamed” this and is also practicing this on ground.

Explaining the elements, he added that this even helps deal with ‘Jehadi’ elements in the area.



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