This Couple Is Redefining The Meaning Of True Love And Their Tale Will Move You

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7:43 pm 13 Sep, 2015

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it can happen to anyone, anywhere.

So when 24-year-old Dinesh Meghwal from the village Lakrwas in Udaipur saw 22-year-old Sushmita Bagri of Satna, cupid struck.

But the circumstances in which they met were not normal.


Sushmita was an amputee. An ulcer on her back that developed during her childhood had infected one of her legs.

Doctors performed an amputation surgery on the wrong leg leaving her with the already infected, and useless, one.

Sushmita was at the hospital for a round of treatment. Dinesh worked as a care taker at the same place.


They fell in love but that was not acceptable to Sushmita’s parents. In spite of their refusal, the two married in May 2014.

Sushmita’s relatives even threatened her but she remained by Dinesh’s side.

He, on the other hand, began looking for a job and found one with a private company in Khandwa.

All this while, and even now, Dinesh takes care of Sushmita daily. He even bought artificial legs for her and helps her walk short distances.


We salute their love!


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