13 Signs That Show You Might End Up Loving The Wrong Person

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10:00 am 15 Aug, 2015

Love cannot be explained and there is no right or wrong when one is in love. But just because of our sheer curiosity to fall in love or just because we need the presence of a guy or gal in our life, we cannot claim as being in love. If you meet with heartbreaks too often, you are probably hastening in the belief that you have met your true love. If you are doing any of the following, it’s time for you to sit back, relax and take a break. True love will come eventually but first things first, don’t just fall for anyone.

1. You are not sure what you are looking for in your ideal man or woman.

It is not that easy to find your soul-mate!


2. You mistake infatuation for love.

Now, that happens quite often.


3. You think you can change their nature.

Don’t rely on this at all!


4. You don’t have high expectations.

Relationship is all about expecting and living up to the expectations.


5. You have low confidence, as a result of which you give-in easily.

No one can build your self esteem, other than you.


6. You have ignored the way your ‘love’ treats others (friends or family).

Caution! Alert!




7. It is others who pick the guy or gal for you.

Time for you to make the decision yourself.


8. You just went through a heartbreak and your ‘love’ just kind of filled in your emptiness.

You don’t need someone to make you feel better.


9. You are just too eager to flaunt them around in your group.

That is puppy love!


10. You mistook their flowery words for real love.


11. You don’t do you homework on who they are?

At least be sure that they are sane!


12. You fall for them for all the wrong reasons, beauty, societal presence or even money.


13. You are struggling to understand “What is Love”.



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