Only Time Can Make, Destroy Or Heal A True Love Story. Here’s Why

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8:30 pm 23 Feb, 2016

With every passing second, you are getting closer to death, while your love story, imprisoned and guarded by time, is dying hopelessly. Time is the only God we can see and, sadly, it doesn’t have time to listen to us, it’s just too busy ticking away.

Every love story starts when two people meet and fall in love but little do they know, that time stands between them and their destiny. Here are the reasons why only time can make, destroy or heal a love story:

 You can only fall for the right one when the time is right.

Feelings are uncontrollable, they can make you fall for anyone without warning and your life is consumed by that person. Do feelings really stem at the right time?  Yes, because it signals when it’s time to share your feelings with someone you love.



Time always has a plan.

It creates testing situations that make you question your belief in love. It deliberately puts you in the turmoil of emotions and when the havoc settles down, the only thing that survives is the truth. Truth, which we have no choice but to accept and learn to live with.

They say we should learn to let go of someone who doesn’t deserve us. But is letting go really in our hands?

Letting go is always the best option prescribed by our friends. Nobody forgets anyone overnight, it happens gradually.

A more deserving person will come and never doubt that because when you want something from the heart, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. But the universe takes its own time, as it has to satisfy every human’s desire.


Time leaves no story incomplete.

Every story gets the ending it deserves. Until and unless, all questions are answered and every complication is solved, the story is still on. It may take 7 or 17 years to reach its climax but when the story ends, time holds no more power.

Two people in love evolve, change and learn and when they are ready for each other, their time starts.


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