10 Things You Must Do To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

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12:08 pm 3 Aug, 2015

Life changes when you fall in love. Your mind and heart start to function differently and your love hormones amplify with every heartbeat. Your spontaneity increases; your heart becomes your voice. Every step towards life appears to be full of love and you suddenly become grateful to the Almighty for showering love in your life. But is it easy to make your love last? No. Which is why we have 10 suggestions that will help you keep your relationship running on a never-ending track of love.

1. Keep a little space in your relationship.

Let the feeling of hatred and jealousy escape your mind forever. Allow some space in your relationship; that’ll help you understand your partner better. Never question your love if you believe he/she is everything that you ever wanted.


2. Make real plans with your partner.

Your work will take 95% of your life, so devote the remaining 5% for the one you love. Plan a trip where you guys can just be alone, away from family issues and office related problems. This will help explore your romantic side which you might not be having a clue about.


3. Eat healthy and take care of yourself so you can live 50 more years with the person you love.


4. A kiss a day keeps boredom away.

A sweet kiss in the morning is all you need to forget your worries. Don’t plan the kiss, or force each other; let it happen spontaneously.


5. Schedule date nights and get drunk.

A chilled beer at the neighbourhood bar will refresh you like nothing else. The most beautiful conversation always happen when you are a bit high. Your consciousness takes a back seat and hidden emotions drive the wheel of heart.


6. Dance the night away at parties or go around town.

After dinner, take her out for a ride around the town and dance the night away. Stay out late, until the DJ starts playing ‘Chaar baj gaye lekin party abhi baki hai’.


7. Always celebrate special occasions.

You don’t need the world with you to celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries. Just a romantic candle light dinner will set the mood.


8. Stay up late just to talk.

Share your problems with each other and find the best solution.


9. Make love regularly.

Sex will bring you guys a lot closer. Your feelings will multiply when you spend your whole day in each other’s arms.


10. Don’t judge your partner.

Everybody is unique. It’s very important to respect each other’s flaws and accept them.


Stop being judgemental

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