13 Signs That You Are One Of Those Couples Who Can’t Spend A Second Apart

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8:00 pm 13 Aug, 2015

She held her breath as you gently held her hand, moving close to her and looking into her deep eyes as if she meant the world to you. She knew what was coming.

Then your mind forgot all the things you had planned to say but could just come up with three words…

“I love you”

She smiled as if she knew it will happen some day. Since that moment, even the gods couldn’t separate you, not even for a second.

After a romantic intro, comes the romantic list of things that confirm that you both just can’t live without each other, not even for a second.

1. You feel a little guilty having any fun whatsoever if your soul mate is not there.

2. You text each other adorable and cheesy lines when you are not together.

3.  And your soul escapes your body when his or her text is late even by a minute.

4. You just can’t watch romantic movies alone. Also what’s the point of watching one if you can’t feel the aura around?

5. When you are apart, you mind keeps re-playing all the moments  you shared together.

6. You miss them madly when you accidentally set your eyes on the things they gifted you.

7. You guys may have broken up several times but no break-up was powerful enough to let go each other.

8. You both take a ridiculous number of sexy photos and share them to accelerate each other’s emotional plus sexual genes.

9. The moment you reunite after a long time always involves a everlasting hug. It’s just like sex with emotions.

10. Sometime you just keep staring at each other and words take a back seat. And the silence speaks the language of the heart.

11. You won’t separate again unless you absolutely have to, you agree.

12. Your eternal love symbolizes freedom. You never let your life come in between your love.

13. You look for weird reasons to make love as soon as possible. And the sex is heavenly satisfying.

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