Meet The 10 Incredible Avatars Of Lord Vishnu

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4:27 pm 15 Feb, 2016

Vishnu is famous for his Dashavatars. It is said that he has been incarnated nine times already and the tenth one is yet to come to conquer evil. When you read about all the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu, you will notice how interestingly all his avatars are connected to each other. They show the kind of progress the evolution of life on earth did — from a fish to a four legged animal to half-human/half-animal and finally, a human being!


1. Vishnu’s first avatar was a fish — Matsya.



2.  He then took the form of a tortoise — Kurma.



3. The third time he came as Varaha, a boar.



4. His fourth avatar was the half-animal/half-human Narasimha.



5. His fifth avatar was that of a little man — Vamana.



6. The sixth avatar was Parashurama, a man who lived in forest.


7. His seventh avatar was also sent to the forest to lead a life of hardships — Rama.



8. The eighth avatar was a man who spoke the verses of the gods — Krishna.



9. In his ninth avatar, he came as Gautam Buddha — a man with a noble and kind heart.



10. The last of his ten avatars, Kalki, is yet to come and no one knows what it will bring.


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