Make Your Long Distance Valentine’s Day Blossom With These 6 Creative Ideas

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3:11 pm 14 Jan, 2016

Every day feels special when you are in love. But celebrating Valentine’s Day together is more than special. Every one wants to create memories, so people think of out-of-the-box ideas to make their special someone feel loved.

But, when you are in a long distance relationship it becomes difficult to stay away from your partner. Well, now you don’t have to experience that loneliness because here are some awesome ideas to make you forget about that distance. Only a few days are left for 14 February, start preparing and make it memorable!


1. Write a love letter for each day, expressing all your feelings for him/her.

This is traditional but romantic. Start writing letters from 7th February till 14th February. In the generation of e-cards and Whatsapp, a hand written letter will leave a special impact and it can be preserved to become an amazing memory for you two!


2. When the clock strike twelve, make an ‘I love you’ call.

No matter how many times in a day you express your love to him/her, a call at twelve to your loved one will make a big difference. Hearing your voice will be romantic and set a happy tone for the whole day.


3. Set up an e-date with you partner.

Distance does not matter when you are in love. Just because you are miles apart does not mean you can’t go on a date. Bring some wine and your favorite cuisine, start a video call with your partner and spend time with each other. You won’t realize how the time will fly. It will bring closeness and create a romantic atmosphere for both of you. The pain of the distance will soon decrease.


4. You can plan a movie date as well.

You can use team viewer application in your computers and watch the same movie at the same time. Or you can watch a movie over the phone. You can laugh together over comedy scenes or get mushy during the romantic scenes. This is an awesome idea to make your night memorable.


5. Make special video notes and send them to him/her.

Believe me, they will cherish this for life. Express your love and record it in a video. Sing a special song for them or read a romantic poem. These romantic gestures will warm their heart.


6. Think beyond flowers and teddy bears. Buy them a customized gift or something that they can use.

When they will use that gift it will remind them of you. A gift customized with your photographs or voice will make them feel loved!


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