Mirzapur Local Disappointed That He Couldn’t Find ‘Khaat’ To Take Home After Rahul’s Sabha

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5:02 pm 14 Sep, 2016

Rahul Gandhi’s UP ‘Khaat’ Sabha was recently in the news after locals left the premise taking ‘Khaats’ along with them.

While at that time Rahul had brushed the issue aside, his latest Sabha in Mirzapur has once again brought it back to the forefront.


On September 14, soon after Rahul ended his session, people were once again seen leaving these Sabha bearing Khaats.

While all this happened, constant announcements were being made that said “Khaat chodke chale jao” (Leave! But without Khaats).


If this was not hilarious enough, an old man was soon complaining to the media, that he didn’t get a Khaat to take home.


He said:

“I came here hearing about Khaat, but didn’t get any…I came here to hear him speak (Rahul Gandhi) and get a Khaat… They told me I will also get a T-shirt, but no shirt, no Khaat just this flag.”



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