9 Reasons Why Listicles Totally Suck

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10:00 am 1 Jun, 2015

Anyone who has an internet connection has gone through the ordeal called listicles. Around two years ago, this trend picked up and spread like the goddamned plague! And now they stick around like something in your teeth.

A listicle is an article presented in the form of a list of things. You could take any random phenomenon and make a list of things about it. With the kind of rage they have become, everything starts looking like a potential listicle. I just thought of, ’10 types of poop on the morning after Missal Pav’. Ooh! Right in the feels!

Here’s a list of 9 legit reasons why listicles suck, aapke apne andaaz mein.

1. Time.

To get the obvious out of the way, they’re a humongous waste of time. Too many people have spent sleepless nights reading these rarely informative pieces when they could have been watching Nyan Cat for 10 hours.


Listicle Addiction

19 reasons why Virgos have small asymmetrical nipples. OMG! Must. See. This. WeKnowMemes


2. Too specific.

It’s astounding how so many people find something relatable in a post that sounds something like “37 reasons why cats with 6 whiskers and 5 paws are awesome”.


Cat Meme

3. White people GIFs.

GIFs and listicles are sort of a package deal now and it’s infuriating. They hardly load and play the same thing over and over again like a stuck CD giving you nothing but a massive headache. And what’s with the White preferential racism?


Rakhee Gif

Mere GIF load honge! Ahashare

4. Surrounded by listicles.

Listicles are EVERYWHERE. No matter which site you are on, they will find you and they will annoy the fuck out of you.



That I don’t want to read! YRF

5. No lasting impact.

They seldom tell you more than what you already know and are quickly forgotten. Unless ”46 reasons why you should date a guy with a French beard” actually changed your dating preferences forever.


Alok Nath meme

Tumne toh meri aankhein khol di!


6. Not conclusively satisfying.

You feel noting but guilty about the time you wasted on it after reading a listicle. You wait for that amazeballs point you thought you would find when you clicked on the link. But there is no such thing, it’s not even satisfying as a good read and you missed 4 minutes of Nyan cat for it.


Listicles Suck

Imagine digging through the biryani and not finding any meat! SULA

7. Lazy way of presenting information.

Those who can’t write, list. Listicles bloat trivial topics for content and end up being repetitive.


Listicle Suck

Main bada hokar Listicler banunga! NewYorker

8. Really ineffective but really popular.

Hardly anything productive comes out of listicles but they’re still insanely popular. Loaded with click baits, they gain immense viewership but at the end of the day, they’re just like pictures of cats; useless but something you keep sharing anyway.


Listicle Suck

Aur share karna mat bhulna! YouTube

So what is it about Listicles you will miss if, tomorrow, they ban them?


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