If You Stand Defeated By Life, Then, Read This Inspiring Story Of A Woman Who Defeated Cancer Twice

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6:08 pm 20 Oct, 2016

Cancer is a grave disease that day by day, little by little, worsens one’s health. In most of the cases, the chances of survival fall down promptly and all that is left is a vague ray of hope. The same incident happened with this lady who was diagnosed with brain cancer and doctors told her that she would survive just a week more.

But she survived and is now a teacher at a wellness center. Somewhere, beyond all medical theories and complications, it is man’s unbroken will that has the power to alter fate.

She narrated her moving story to Humans Of Bombay and it will inspire you in every way:

Read the full text below:

“I’ve had a funny relationship with cancer. In 2005, I was detected with breast cancer and I had to undergo 6 chemo sessions and 30 radiation cycles until I was finally cured. I thought I had won the cat and mouse game with cancer, but in 2013, when I started feeling increasingly nauseous and weak, I got an MRI done and realized that I had stage 4 brain cancer.
I won’t lie — At 62, when the doctor told us that I had 8 days to live, I was terrified. I remember that night, lying in Bhatia hospital, processing the news… I didn’t know if I would sleep. But then I visualized my guru, took his name, and said to him, ‘from here on you are responsible for me.’ Then I did, what most people find difficult to do — I let it go completely. I stopped giving it any energy… I stopped making cancer bigger than me. As I went through 20 sittings of brain radiation and one massive surgery after the other — I kept myself busy and amused. Even when the doctors painted a bleak picture which consisted of possibilities of hemorrhage or paralysis I focused all my energy on the beauty of life. I felt liberated.
I still remember that I had lost 10 kgs, but when everyone was around me in the hospital, I would say – ‘check out my muscles’ and they would all burst out laughing. My daughters were scared of telling me that I had a bald patch, so when I went to the hairdresser to get a haircut and saw it for the first time — I burst out laughing and said ‘oh God, now I have lesser hair than your father!’
If they were my last 8 days here – I wanted to focus on the beauty of life and that’s what I did— I lived every moment with love for my family and everything around me.
My daughters and I started meditating to calm our minds, I started doing a lot of yoga, with a heart filled with faith prayed to my guru and moved onto a raw fruit and juice diet. The doctors had given me about 5 medicines to have three times a day and asked for tests every three months. My family would go through immense pain each time I would go for these tests so I made a resolve to become so fit that I was no longer a cause of pain to my family.
And it was with that resolve that today, I can do yoga for two hours each day, my weight has increased again, I walk for about half an hour, take no medicines whatsoever and feel happier and healthier than ever before. In fact, I’ve even started teaching children at a wellness center.
So there —both 62 and cancer have nothing on me. In fact, I think they’ve come to fear me and my strength— I’m pretty much THEIR worst nightmare!.”


What happens to us is out of our control but how we deal with it determines our strength and character. All hail this iron-willed woman!

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