15 Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Monica-Chandler Relationship

8:00 pm 14 Jul, 2015

They represent the “meant for each other” couples. What’s better than being best friends before lovers? You can share everything with your partner without hesitation as you guys know each other in and out. Even if you have your own share of ups and downs, you will never let go of each other, come what may. So here are 15 life lessons we can learn from Monica-Chandler relationship.

1. It’s important to be best friends first before being lovers.


2. No matter what your position is, no matter how bad your relationships have been, there will be one day when you will find the one with whom everything is just perfect.


3. It’s necessary to fall in conversations first, then fall in love.


4. Sex is just not a physical act between two people to satisfy their needs, it’s way more than that.


5. It’s not necessary that the guy has to propose. It can be the girl too!


6. Relationships are difficult and there will be weird phases but all the time one thing you have to hold tight is trust!


7. A wedding should only take place when both of you are ready and not because of societal pressure.


8. Staying somewhere out of the city is always a good plan. We need that break from the chaotic city life.


9. Whatever others might tell about your partner, you have to stay strong.


10. If it is true love then previous relationships will never have any chance to come in between both of you.


11. In life even mundane can be magical, it’s just the way you look at people.


12. It doesn’t really matter who moves in to whose, what matters is that moving together gives you both happiness.


13. Sometimes you must be impulsive. Planning doesn’t really always get you true lovers. Remember the London night?


14. If your relationship is more about being friends and talking about stuff, it may be good or bad, it will always work.


15. Lastly, come what may, hugging your partner will take away all your tension in one second!



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