11 Things That Prove Life In Mumbai Is Not Easy For The Average Resident

6:00 pm 8 May, 2015

You may have read many articles, on how Mumbai is the best city, best nightlife, blah. But is it really easy to survive and live in Bombay? People come and reside in Mumbai every single day, with the sole dream of earning a living and living their dream. But it is not that easy…

Here are a few things that show, life in Mumbai is not that easy!

1. When a local coach with a seating capacity of not more than 90 is filled with more than 200 people, you know you are screwed.


2. The property rates rise like the temperatures during summer; it is bound to make you sweat even during winters.


3. A single best bus ticket costs more than a vada pav, UGH!


4. Chalo, after trains and bus, if you think of taking your own car, traffic will blow you, and the horns will kill you! And two things will burn, you and your petrol.


5. Yes, Mumbai is the city of dreams and you’ll find more than a few dreams come true every day. But a lot more dreams are shattered here than fulfilled.


6. The roads are so fucked up that you don’t drive on the left of the road, you drive on what is left of the road!


7. Two ever increasing things in Bombay, vehicles and peoples. Thing that isn’t increasing at all- space!


8. Although Mumbai has one of the best nightlifes, you aren’t allowed to sit by and enjoy at the seaside after 2 AM why?


9. You wouldn’t even know, and you’d be a part of a loud, not-so-required argument.


10. Mumbai local, second class fare minimum Rs 5 and first class fare Rs 50. But what’s the difference when you don’t get to sit in both!


11. Life maybe easy for the corporate class, but ask the working class and you’ll know the ‘real’ Mumbai.


If you think there are more, please feel free to write in comments.


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