The Supreme Court Of India Went Against Gays, But One Petition Can Change It All

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10:00 pm 22 Jan, 2015

gay rights

Two Indian Supreme Court judges decided to take India a step back as far as equal rights for all are concerned as they declared gay sex to be illegal.

That’s right. Two people choosing to have sex with each other is a criminal offense…because somehow it threatens…something.

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If the situation is looked at with a clear head, it is easy to see that those who belong to the LGBT category must have equal rights as they are a group that can otherwise end up facing constant threats and harassment.

This decision to declare who can fall in love with whom and how they can or cannot express their love is a sad move in the wrong direction.

gay rights

At a time when most of the world is acknowledging the rights of the LGBT community, this decision will make India look like a country of backward and prejudiced people. It is tragic that the opportunity to do away with the moronic Article 377 is mostly met by resistance from people who cannot broaden their outlook.

Thankfully, people are not choosing to sit by idly. There is a link to a petition given below.

Please do sign this petition at Awaaz if you believe that everyone has the right to love and be loved.

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