13 Lesser-known Facts You Should Know About Bapu On His Birthday

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2:00 pm 1 Oct, 2015

We all know that ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’  was the preeminent leader of the Indian Independence movement in British-ruled India. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to Independence and inspired movements for civil rights across the world.

So, on his birthday, these facts will make you understand what sort of a person he was and why is he the ‘Father Of Our Nation’.


1. Gandhi ji mentioned in his autobiography that he was not a courageous or outspoken leader. In fact, he was so shy that he could not talk to anybody in his school and often ran away from there.


2.  Once he was boarding a train during which one of his shoes slipped and fell on the tracks. He then removed his another shoe and threw it near the first one just to help the person who would find the pair. This shows that how kind and helpful he was.


3. Time Magazine, the famous US publication, named Mahatma Gandhi the ‘Man of the Year’ in 1930.


4. Gandhi ji was regularly corresponding with Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.


5. Gandhi ji had an Irish accent while speaking English because his first teacher was an Irishman.


6. During his days in South Africa, Gandhi ji‘s income touched fifteen thousand dollars a year. Still a dream for most Indians.

7. To see how cheaply he could live and remain healthy, he used to experiment on diets. As a result, he started to live principally on fruits and goat’s milk.

8. Being very fond of his mother tongue, Gandhi ji wrote his autobiography in Gujarati and later his assistant translated it to English.


9. As Christ was crucified on Friday, Gandhi ji was born on Friday, India got its freedom on Friday and Gandhi ji was assassinated on Friday.


10. Gandhi ji hated being photographed but at that time, he was the only person who was hugely photographed.

11. Gandhi ji had a very bad handwriting, about which he was always worried.


12.  October 2 was announced as the ‘International Day of Ahimsa’ by the United Nations.

13. He had a set of false teeth, which he carried in a fold of his loincloth. He put them in his mouth only when he wanted to eat. After his meal, he took them out, washed them and put them back in his loincloth again.


This is the first ever interview of Gandhi ji. Just listen to the way he is answering. His answers reflects his diplomacy as well as humbleness.


Video Credit: rareindiaphotos

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