This Leftist-Liberal Map Of India Reimagined Like A Game Of Thrones Map Is Bang Accurate

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4:36 pm 4 May, 2016

You remember the map of Westeros? That’s the continent of Game of Thrones.




Some creative (and politically aware genius) reimagined India – which is a sub-continent BTW – in how the Liberal-Leftists of the country see it.


You might need some help as to what the map points at. So here’s it.

  • In Kashmir, you find a ‘Tower of Barkha’ because obviously.
  • There is a dotted red line called the ‘Route of Death Merchants’ which connects Gujarat to New Delhi because Leftists-Liberals believe it was the path taken by you-know-who.
  • The ‘Secular’s Dreamland’ located in the northeast is where the numbers of illegal immigrants are the highest. Of course, that is secular in the eyes of Liberals!
  • ‘Brinda’s Windmill’ – the energy churning machine of Left leader Brinda Karat – is strategically positioned in the left bastion of Bengal.
  • The dark red ‘Nexus-lands’ is, of course, the Red Corridor.
  • Oh, and did you not spot that blue dotted line called ‘Asha & Aman’ which connects Karachi to Mumbai? That was the route taken by Ajmal Kasab and his buddies.
  • And in Mumbai lies the favourite monument of the Leftists – Tomb of Yakub (Memon), the Innocent.
  • The King’s Landing…oops…’Secular King’s Landing’ is up there in Bihar. It even has the colour of the flag of the men who rule over it.
  • There are five “fountains” (of rationality, according to Leftists) – JNU, FTII, APSC, ‘Kingdom of Brothers’ (Owaisis), and the Fountainhead (Bengal).
  • Everything else is uncharted land for the Leftists so it is called ‘Bharat’ or whatever the people in those lands would like to call it.

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