How You Can Tell It’s Time To Leave Your Best Friend

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3:30 pm 29 Jan, 2016

Breaking up with your best friend isn’t always the easiest decision to make — but it can be the healthiest. You’ve been together since childhood or a pretty long time and parting ways will surely hurt a lot. But, taking a stand for yourself is never wrong. If this friendship has become a one sided effort from you, it’s better to create distance rather suffer a non-existent bond!

You just need to figure out when it’s time to leave that friend who is not a friend at all!


There is more jealousy and competition than love!

That care and enthusiasm has gone. She is no longer happy with your progress and achievements. She is always trying to prove that she is better than you.


She is bossy and tries to run your life.

She always tries to impose her choices on you. It’s all about her plans, her favorite dress, food and everything.


She is contributing nothing to the friendship.

She is not putting in an effort. It’s always you who has to force her to meet and make plans. She has her own plans that she just can not cancel.


You feel like you are being controlled and manipulated.

She asks you to work on something for her but never returns the favor.


Compliments-that-aren’t-really-compliments have become her forte.

This dress is cute but it’s not suiting you at all. If statements like these have become a common thing, she’s only trying to pick you apart. You should leave her. She is just making you feel bad and that’s not what friends should do.


She never takes a stand for you.

You have helped her a lot but she has always failed you when it was her turn. Don’t be with someone who won’t take a stand for you because she wants to be nice to everyone else.


Your so-called bestie is not letting you be yourself, she just bosses you around. No real friend should do that. You have been calling the wrong person your friend and it’s time you take a stand for yourself. It will hurt initially, but it will do you good in the long run. Go for it!

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