16 Stages A Person Goes Through While Learning How To Hula Hoop

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8:00 pm 19 Mar, 2015

Hula hoops are by far one of the most fun ways of staying shape. However, learning how to use one is one of the most stressful afternoons anyone can ever spend.

1. Your optimism is at an all time high when you first start.

This doesn’t look tough at all, you think to yourself.

2. After the first five minutes, you begin to debate your decision.

This is a lot harder than it looks! Maybe I should learn how to bake an upside down cake instead!

3. Instead of your love handles getting a workout, your back is now bent out of shape.

Because you have to keep bending over to pick up the hula hoop which inevitably keeps falling to the floor.

4. You put on loud pop music hoping that it keeps you motivated to keep on going.

Plus, the rhythm of the music might help you to achieve the rhythm needed to keep balancing that hoop on your hips.

5. You take a break and look despairingly at the hula hoop.

It is a device created by Satan himself!

6. You jump off the sofa, pumped to tackle it again.

7. You begin to curse at the walls after the hula hoop has slid off your hips for the hundredth time.

S**t s**t s**t!

8. You soon begin to bargain with a higher power to let you become a master at using the hula hoop.

Please God, I promise to be nicer to that strange boy at school if you will just grant me the power of mastering the hula hoop.

9. Somehow, you manage to keep the hoop rotating more than one time.

You whoop with joy not knowing that more hardship lies along the way.

10 .You give up and decide to confer with the master who knows it all: YouTube

You wonder why you hadn’t thought of looking up a video before you started trying to learn how to hula hoop.

11. You watch the video and it makes you feel worse than ever.

How in the world is that woman so good at using that hoop! How is she doing that and making it look so effortless! You despair more than ever.

12. You gird your loins, and make one last ditch attempt at this hellish device.

Just so you can say you gave it your best shot.

13. Suddenly, something clicks and you are using the hula hoop.

You almost want to scream and shout in joy but are too terrified of dropping the hoop again.

14. You feel like a pro who has just mastered the ancient art of taekwondo in one sitting.

You feel smug and you damn well deserve to.

15. You excitedly call all your friends and family members to let them know about your awesome new skill.

I mean, what’s the point if you can’t rub someone else’s nose in your new found power.

16. And now you can keep in shape easily, using the hula hoop as a fun means of exercise.

Standing in front of the TV and watching your favorite show and exercising at the same time. Does it really get better than that?

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