11 Superhero Illustrations Of Leaders On Banknotes That Tell The Truth About US, China And UK

Three of the world’s biggest political figures are in these illustrations, with a superhero or supervillain mask on them. Before we explain what this is, have a look.

1. Here is Mao Zedong (with eyes of Abe) as Spiderman.



2. And Queen Elizabeth II as Catwoman.



3. A mix of Zedong and Abraham Lincoln makes Dr. Doom.



4. Mao is indeed the Iron Man, at least for China.



5. The British Queen (with eyes of Abe) has that unmistakable smirk of The Joker.



6. Maolizabeth (Mao and Elizabeth) as Wolverine.



7. Ironic that Mao Zedong is Captain America.



8. And behind what we think is Abe hides Mao.



9. It is Mao again behind the mask of The Flash.



10. And the eyes of Mao look from the face of The Thing.




11. Hellboy, too, is Mao.



12. The US Capitol Hill calling for help from God.




The creator of these brilliant illustrations, Alessandro Rabatti, did not make these for the sake of making something. All of them indicate to the real economic situation between the US, UK and China. An example is Captain America being Mao Zedong, which shows how much influence and control China asserts over US. And since the UK is now not the power it once was, her joining forces with US can only result in chaos. (Depicted through The Joker.) Which is why US needs God’s help.


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