Lalu Forgets Old Criticism Of Baba Ramdev, Says People Jealous Of Ramdev’s Success

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2:51 pm 4 May, 2016

Despite the fact that Baba Ramdev has attacked Lalu Yadav several times in past, the RJD chief seems to have put that in the past and praise the yoga guru for his Patanjali products.





During a recent press conference that the two held together, Lalu said:


Lalu Poster

He further went on to add that whatever Ramdev earns, he spends it on charity and added that ”he has earned everything through sheer hard work.”




When questioned if he would promote Baba Ramdev’s products, Lalu jokingly said he is already “a permanent brand ambassador of his products” and even tried on his cold cream later.


Pleased by what Lalu said about him, Ramdev said that he had come to invite Lalu to attend International Yoga Day celebrations and even gifted him several of his Patanjali Ayurved products.


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