No, Laljibhai Patel Did Not Deposit Rs.6000 Crores At The Bank

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2:51 pm 16 Nov, 2016

On November 15, a news started doing the rounds which claimed that Laljibhai Patel, a famous diamond merchant from Surat in Gujarat, deposited Rs.6000 crores at the bank following the Centre’s demonetisation move. It was reported that he would also be paying an additional Rs.5400 towards penalty and tax on the deposit.

The news of him depositing this massive amount started doing the rounds of social media. But the businessman has now refuted the reports claiming he has not deposited any such amount.




Laljibhai Patel is the same man who made headlines by purchasing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pinstripe monogrammed suit for Rs.4.31 crores. He became even more popular when he announced that he will donate Rs.200 crores for the education of 10,000 girls in Gujarat.

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