This Female Cricketer Is Being Called ‘Lady Jonty Rhodes’. Watch And Confirm Yourself!

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3:11 pm 21 Nov, 2016

South African Cricketer Mignon du Preez is being praised as the ‘Lady Jonty Rhodes’ and there is a valid reason for it.



South African Cricketer Mignon du Preez. Solaris

During a recent Cricket match between South Africa and Australia, Mignon took a blinder of a catch which not only left her opponents awestruck but left the commentators praising and wishing that South African legend Jonty Rhodes is watching the match.


Jonty is considered a South African legend and is known to have been the pioneer who changed the way fitness was seen in the game of cricket.

Preez, who is 27 years old and till now has played 80 ODI matches, is now being compared to Jonty as he was known for his agility and being one the quickest fielders in the game of cricket.


Jonty was also known to take catches which were otherwise considered impossible to take and thus any great catch in the game of Cricket is now compared to that of the legend himself.

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