Lady Gaga Goes Outrageous Again; Only This Time It’s All For A Good Reason

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5:49 pm 21 Sep, 2015

Lady Gaga never fails to surprise. As eager as everyone was to see for her next single, she has really bowled everyone over this time. The video is engrossing and makes a strong point about sexual harassment on college campuses. The debate has never really come out in the open and still remains shut behind the closed doors. Til It Happens to You is a compelling rock ballad which entails three stories encircling around this grave issue. Lady Gaga has previously come out in public to talk about her being sexually harassed back in her teens.



The music video will be featured in a documentary “The Hunting Ground” which critically dissects the culture of shame and silence that often surrounds collegiate sexual assault and rape crimes. Gaga has ended the song on an optimistic note with friends and family encouraging the victims to come out and live their lives yet again. The victims often sink deep in depression while their dreams and worth shatter due to those incidents. The message is strong and evoking. The YouTube link also states that a portion of proceed of its sale will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.



Even though there are few who are criticizing Lady Gaga’s release as another “attention seeking” gimmick, there are many more who can’t stop raving about her immensely thoughtful initiative of spreading awareness about this sensitive issue. Accompanying the release of Til It Happens To You, this is what Lady Gaga tweeted.

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