Lack Of Toilets In Govt Schools In Uttar Pradesh Forcing Lady Teachers To Avoid Drinking Water

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5:41 pm 1 May, 2016

It is a no hidden fact that hundreds of Government schools in Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere lack proper toilet facilities.

This has forced many lady teachers to avoid drinking water in order to skip going to toilet. And it is now leading to many female teachers reporting sick and suffering from kidney related issues.


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A media report mentioned that since many of them dread going to toilets, they avoid drinking water even in severe hot and humid conditions. And if they at all drink water, poor or no sanitation facilities add to their fears.

Recently, a case was reported in Durgabari in Aligarh, where one teacher has to face severe problem related to her kidney.

On August 15, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Swacch Vidyalaya Abhiyan, the Clean Schools Movement, and promised to build separate toilets for 137.7 million boys and girls at schools nationwide within a year.

Representational image thehindu

Representational image thehindu

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, the nodal ministry, had earlier claimed that it had achieved the target of constructing 417,000 toilets in 262,000 schools, or 1.5 toilets per school. This means a maximum of two toilets in some schools, one in others. Despite tall claims, the actual story on ground is yet to be explored.

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