Kumar Vishwas’ Birthday Party Proved He Is The Most Sought After Man In Delhi

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6:16 pm 12 Feb, 2016

The biggest of political alliances can be made over a cup of tea; wonder what a birthday party can do. On February 10, NSA Ajit Doval was present at such a party. In that same party were two senior RSS leaders, some BJP leaders, three Congress leaders and the entire Delhi Cabinet.

And whose birthday was it? This man’s:


Kumar Vishwas needs no introduction. From college students to the powerful men and women in Delhi’s parliament, everyone knows him as the man who wields the power of words.

Ever heard of this?


Poet Vishwas


The attendance of many BJP leaders, including Information and Broadcasting Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Shatrughan Sinha, set tongues wagging. Is Vishwas switching sides? Is he being courted by the BJP? But is he not a staunch critic of the party?

During the 2014 General Elections, Vishwas said this about BJP’s Amethi candidate (now HRD Minister) Smriti Irani:



So what was cooked in that birthday party? Well, AAP leaders said that there was nothing special. Everyone at the party are Vishwas’ “old friends”, reporters were told. Even Vishwas wrote this on Twitter:



There was, however, one man missing: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. But Kejriwal is a very busy man these days. When he could not visit Siachen hero Lance Naik Hanumanthappa at the hospital in Delhi, how can he be expected to attend a birthday celebration?


What is surprising is that Kejriwal did not have the time to even wish Vishwas on Twitter, like he had done last year.



The copyright of the ‘Happy Birthday to You’ song will expire soon and anyone will be able to use it commercially and in any manner they please. Celebrating birthdays have suddenly become all the more exciting for all in Lutyen’s Delhi.

Is Kumar Vishwas BJP material?

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