Kolkata Skeleton House Is Now A Selfie Spot For People

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1:49 pm 17 Jun, 2015

The macabre Kolkata house where a 44-year-old man who was living with the corpse of his sister and skeletons of two dead dogs, along with his father’s burnt body, is now a tourist spot for weird people.




Partha De’s house on 3, Robinson Street is now attracting hordes of selfie enthusiasts, who find it exciting to click themselves against the backdrop of the house of horrors.


Partha De

Partha De


Students make up for the largest such group but even others, such as those working in the many commercial buildings nearby, too, throng to this place and click pictures.


Although the Kolkata police have put up notices asking trespassers to stay off the property, no one seems to be paying attention.

This is giving the police a tough time, since they have to juggle between controlling the crowd and carrying out the investigation.


The urge to click selfies shows the decrease of empathy and rise of stoicism in people.

The Hindu quotes a visitor, whose husband was, ironically, busy clicking pictures, as saying:

“I think the society is also responsible for such incidents. If the neighbours were a bit more proactive and inquired about the De family, the incident could have been averted.”


And must the people derive pleasure from such a sad incident?


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