Kolkata Man Found Living With His Dog’s And Sister’s Corpses For Six Months

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6:54 pm 11 Jun, 2015

In a bizarre incident, police have come across a man who has been living with the corpses of his sister and a dog for the past six months in Kolkata.

The police stumbled upon the skeletons on Wednesday night while investigating the death of Arabinda De, the owner of the house whose charred body was found inside a bathroom hours earlier. The interrogation of Partha De, 44, son of Arabinda, led to the discovery of the skeletons.


Deputy Commissioner of Police Murli Dhar, said:

“We later interrogated him during which he told us that the skeleton of his sister Debjani, who died nearly six months earlier, was in the house. He also told us that Debjani was depressed due to the death of their pet dog and shunned eating which eventually led to her death.”

“We have recovered Debjani’s skeletons and the remains of a dog. We have sent the remains for autopsy to ascertain the cause of death. Partha claimed his sister died due to fasting. We have detained him for questioning.We are also looking into the cause of Arabinda’s death. Until the autopsy reports come we can’t say anything.”

According to police sources, Partha could not accept the death of his sister, because of which he did not cremate her body. He also had repeated altercations with his father Arabinda, leading to his suicide. It appears Partha is mentally unstable.


(With inputs from IANS)


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