Kohima’s Open Street Fitness Competition Was A Great Success With Naga Youth

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6:28 pm 29 Aug, 2016

An open street fitness competition was recently held in Kohima. The event was well-attended by Naga youth.

arm wrestling


Events like races, arm wrestling, and push ups were part of the competition.



As reflective of Naga culture, it wasn’t just the men but also the women who proved that they have the skill and stamina to take part in such contests.

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The competition was held at the Heritage Circle in Kohima and received a massive response from not only local youth but also those who live farther away.

push ups competition


Nagas came from various parts of India and the world to take part in this competition. It is good to see that fitness is important for the youth of the region.

arm wrestlers


Hopefully, contests like this one will encourage youth to strive for healthier lifestyles instead of giving in to drugs and the like.

Open Street Fitness Competition


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