It’s Mandatory For Female Workers To Kiss Their Boss Every Morning In This Company!

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4:49 pm 12 Oct, 2016

People these days expect a friendly environment when they start searching for jobs, but if it becomes friendlier then it’s a problem!

This video of a Chinese company is going viral because of some bizarre practice they have made mandatory for its female employees.

Every morning the female employees of this company line up and kiss their boss. The owner gives a weird reason behind such practice. According to him, it helps to boost employee morale and fosters friendship with his employees in the company.



It’s a Chinese company which sells home brewery machinery in the Tongzhou District of Beijing. Unfortunately, more than half of its employees are females.



The video of such practice that claims to enhance the corporate culture received a lot of criticism. Workers who object the rules and deny to follow this practice are forced to resign from the company.WTF!!!

Take a look at the video below!



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