This Girl Holds An MA Degree But She Never Went To School, College Or University

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3:41 pm 9 Sep, 2015

Kiran Jariwal, the daughter of a private tutor, never attended school, college or a university but completed her education and recently received a Master’s degree.

Kiran cleared X in 2008 and XII two years later from Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education as a private student. In 2010, she enrolled for a bachelor’s course at Maharaja Ganga Singh University and cleared it in 2013. This year, she got her Master of Arts degree.

Her father, Sanwar Sangamanand, who hails from Churu in Rajasthan told Hindustan Times why he kept his daughter away from formal education.

“After my wife passed away and Kiran was just six months old, I decided I will not let her miss her mother. I didn’t send her to school because I thought the teachers wouldn’t be able to handle her when she missed her mother in school. Moreover, it wasn’t possible for me to prepare tiffin for her.”

Sanwar, who is both mother and father to Kiran, made sure that his love for his daughter never came in the way of Kiran’s education. And indeed, he has been successful.

On August 15, Kiran was felicitated for her achievement by health minister and Churu legislator Rajendra Rathore.


But, did she miss going to educational institutions? Kiran says she wasn’t attracted to school or college life.

Kiran said:

“My house was always brimming with students and it was almost as if I was in school. I learnt everything through these tuitions. My friends told me they bunked classes, went shopping … so I thought not much teaching happened in colleges.”

Also, in her spare time, unlike her friends who went for shopping etc, she helped her father in his private tuitions. Now, her father wants to send her name to the records books.


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