22 Types Of Stand-up Comedy Open Mic-ers Who Have Been Cracking You Up

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10:00 am 8 Jul, 2015

Ah! The desire to be funny and have people laugh at your jokes! Many a bloke (and blokess) has tried his hand at comedy at some time in their life – whether on stage or at a family gathering trying to impress unimpressed relatives. Yet, comedy star status eludes most of us like good roads elude the country of India.

Recently though, the stand up comedy circuit is up and booming with the likes of All India Bakchod and Pretentious Movie Reviews getting their crew from stand up comedians. With Vir Das becoming a film star after a robust stand up comedy career, everyone with half a joke is out at open mics to become India’s next big comedy star!

Open mics are to stand up comedy what auditions are to acting. Open mics give a chance to anybody and everybody who thinks they are funny and often ups the ante with a token competition. Comics who do consistently well in open mics, eventually go on to star in shows or even have shows of their own!

But, like everything, not everyone becomes the next big or even the next small star. Here is a list of types of open mic stand up comics you will find at every open mic!

1. The Ranji player

The very first in the list is the types that is an old hand at open mics. In fact, he has seen many generations of comics go past to stardom, but this poor fellow is still stuck here.


Standup comedy

Sir, sir, ek chance, sir! pinterest

2. The virgin

God! It is difficult to make people laugh when they expect you to! And no one knows this better than the first time comic on stage! It is as painful to watch this guy as it is to be him!


Open micers

Don’t be scared of your debut. Be scared of the later! youtube

3. The laugh-at his-own-jokes

Very often, to seem casual, this open micer will laugh at his own jokes. As if he made it up on the spot. Unless he is cute, it can be damn annoying!


Open micers

Aur phir na… Haha haha…Phir na…Haha haha..! tamilandvedas

4. Coming straight from office

A product of mid life crises, this lawyer/banker/HR person will come to the open mic straight from office in crumpled shirt, boring trousers and BO.


Open micers

Main toh paida hi aise hua tha! snipview

5. Sir Laughs-a-lot

This guy is the kindest guy to other open micers. Whether the crowd laughs or not, this guy will laugh at every punch line! Thank god for Sir laughs-a-lot!


Open micers

Haha Haha! Kya bakwaas joke hai! Haha! indiaeducation

6. Inside joker

This guy hangs out with stand up comics, eats with stand up comics, gets high with stand up comics and hopes to sleep with stand up comics. And then makes seemingly clever inside jokes on the mics that the audience doesn’t get at all.


Open micers

Safedsi bhains! Haha! Samjhe? Bhains! Bhains..?

7. The sandaas person

This guy is all about toilet humour. Dingle berries, sharts and pudin hara is what this guy finds funny. And the audience laughs!


Open micers

And then his chaddi went pooorrr! efunlist

8. I love my mom person

This guy never grew out of his oedipus phase. He still makes MC jokes but this time he means them! Unless he is talking about sleeping with his mom, he doesn’t feel tickled.


Open micers

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayal aata hai… flipkart

9. Dad joker

This guy is all about how his dad made life miserable for him. He needs the open mic much less than he needs counseling. But at least he gets to open up!


Open micers

Once my dad forgot who I was. That was the happiest day of my life! *sniff pinkvilla

10. One Miss

That ONE lady comic who makes an appearance probably to keep the female flame of comedy alive. It is so rare finding a lady comic at an open mic as it is finding guys in a Psychology class in college.


Open micers

I am so exotic! venusbuzz

11. The casual guy

This guy will not be caught dead without being under-dressed. He will ONLY wear shorts, chappals and a smelly T-shirt. If he is wearing more clothes, he is probably just under-dressed for a more glamorous occasion.


Open micers

Main aur meri chaddi, aksar yeh baatein karte hai… businessofcinema

12. The bragger

This guy makes an appearance on stage rarely and that too so he can brag to the world that he is a stand up comedian. Technically, he isn’t unless he earns money. But logon ko yeh kidhar pata hai!


Open micers

I am so funny, I have performed here also! sharingtotal

13. The break-up guy

This guy is trying to find himself after his recentest break up. Usually with a break up story, this guy usually moves an audience to tears rather than laughter.


Open micers

The funny thing is, she took my car, house, dog and packet of condoms… *boohoo! causecast

14. The star

This guy is already a star in the making! He is brilliant with the crowd, knows which punches work and carries confidence in his pocket! More power to the star!


Open micers

Let me annoy you and make you jealous at the same time indiatvnews

15. The career explorer

Another product of mid life crisis, this guy will be exploring stand up as an alternate option. He will spend more time at an open mic trying to get more info on paid gigs rather than focusing on his set.


Open micers

Comedy ka ek ghante ka 500 rupaya! My god, I am defecting to Mirthful! playbuzz

16. The hunter

This guy is not here for the comedy. He is here to score points with chicks. Apparently they like comedy, and he likes them, so it is a win win. If you are wearing a skirt and can breathe, expect this guy to hit on you.


17. The wannabe actor from Lokhandwala

This guy thinks open mics are free stage time and that Bollywood producers are scanning these for the next big star of the silver screen. The wannabe actor is mostly from Delhi and it is clear when you finally hear his sexist joke.


Open micers

Pehle toh main Roadies banunga. Phir ladkiyan mujhe na keh hi nahi sakti! youtube

18. The rich family guy

This guy probably will inherit a huge business from his family. He is absolutely bored sitting at home and a few months of open mics will allow him to feel accomplished for the rest of his life.


Open micers

My first choice was being a stand up comic! Yeh politics nahi hota toh… ibnlive

19. The entrepreneur

Shuck performing. This guy immediately gets into producing stand up comedy shows or starts an open mic property of his own. Why play by the rules when you can make the rules?


Open micers

Open Mic doesn’t pay? Haha to you Sir, haha to you! eventshigh

20. The disapprover

After doing one open mic or two, this guy starts having an expert opinion on humour from films, comedy shows, actual stand up comics and his six month old niece. Unless it is written by him, all humour is crap humour.


Open micers

Kya bakwaas kar rahe hai sab… Mereko mic do bas ek baar… ndtv

21. The vibrator

This poor fellow gets so nervous on stage, you start suspecting it is Charlie Sheen with a tan.


Open micers

Once s s s s I s s s saw a a a a a..! reallifeglobal

22. The Triten

Possibly the worst of the lot, this guy tells you jokes you read as a kid from email forward printouts your dad got for you from office. The sad part is, people still laugh.


Open micers

Once James Bond told his name to a South Indian… indiafm


Have you attended an open mic stand-up comedy show? It is great fun and you should definitely try out the next one in town! When you do, do tell us what kind of stand up comics you came across there!


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