17 Ways To Be The Kind Of Person Other People Want To Date

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10:00 am 2 Jan, 2016

You think you’re not socially desirable. Do all good girls and boys look upon you as good friends, but not as someone they would like to date? If that’s you, we’ve got your back!

It’s a matter you start paying some attention to small things and here’s a list of all that you need to do, to get some attention from others:

1. Always be prepared, who knows when you’d bump into a prospective date.

Dress well, smell well, pay attention to grooming every time you step outside the house.

Don’t let a chance go by, only because you were looking messy.


2. Dress to impress! Others will find you attractive only when you feel attractive.

Stop being grumpy about dressing! Get some nice clothes, shoes and accessories.

Get out of bed and tone your body a bit.

First impressions do make an impact.


3. Work on your body language. Be relaxed and engaged, stiffness could indicate nervousness.

In order to create deeper impressions, walk like you own the place without overdoing it.

When attending a social gathering, never hold your drink very close to your chin, it tells people you are not interested and want to be alone.


4. Become passionate about your goals. It’s an instant turn on.

Everyone has an inclination towards people passionate about their life and goals.

Don’t have any yet? Try and begin the search right away. Living with a purpose of your own is viewed by other people as something “super hot.”


5. Evaluate yourself first on the quality rating meter.

We carry a list of the qualities that we want in our potential partners. First, check yourself, where you stand in that list.

This will provide you the clear picture of the things that you need to work on.


6. Love yourself before loving someone else.

Yes, it sounds cliché, but its 100% true. Unless you accept and love yourself completely, how can you expect others to love you?

It empowers you to be able to give and receive love in the best way.


7. Work on your self-confidence, it’s infectious.

Self-confidence is the single infectious quality that rules any dating game. You have almost sealed the deal if you have that confidence in you.

And if not, don’t worry, just fake it. Keep calm and maintain eye contact.


8. Master the art of conversation. A little bit flirty, a little courteous will do wonders.

Whether you chat on phone or face to face, pulling a good conversation is an art and can be learned. Train yourself to become a natural flirt.

Small and brief conversations are the best.


9. Be honest in your conversations. Also, always pay attention to what the other person is trying to say.

Impress with knowledge and not deceit!

You don’t need to lie just to impress the other person. In fact, being bold and truthful are the qualities that people find praiseworthy.


10. Be a fun person to hang around with.

Nobody likes to date a person, who lacks a sense of humor. Cracking jokes now and then will keep the other person comfortable and let them come out of their shell.

Make them smile and you have won over your date.


11. But avoid overdoing it like you’re trying too hard.

Especially avoid crossing overboard with humor. There’s only a sensitive line between humor and dirty.


12. Look enthusiastic. Pop your eyes out and bring a big smile on your lips.

Being a little nervous is normal with the person you like. But don’t let this take down your energy.

Be cheerful all the time, and make sure others are able to feel happy with you.


13. We all have our talents. Find out what you’re good at and work on it.

We’re all gifted with some talents, only we must find out what we’re good at.

Try new things. Join salsa classes, go out for a karaoke night, cook something new, paying attention to your hobbies may indicate your date that you are an interesting person.


14. Get an idea of where life is headed.

It is very important to have a clear sense of direction in your life.

People like to date people whose lives are well sorted out.


15. Pay attention and be a good listener.

We all want to be heard. Let your date also be equal participant in all conversations. Show her or him, that you can be a good listener.


16. Your sad past has no place in your conversations, at least not unless the other person asks for it.

Just clean out your emotional slate of past memories. People budge from dating someone with a heavy baggage of grudges, regrets, and bitterness of the past.


17. Avoid talking too much about your ex.

It is a big buzzoff for anyone, if you still have so much to talk about your ex. It indicates that somewhere you’re still not over them.


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