Kin Of Ola’s CEO Murdered In Ludhiana: The Story So Far

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2:07 pm 5 Feb, 2016

In a tragic incident that has sent shock waves across Ludhiana, grandmother and aunt of Ola Cabs CEO Bhavish Aggarwal were found brutally murdered at their Sher-e-Punjab Colony home in Ludhiana. They are suspected to have been bludgeoned to death.


Olny Pix

Olny Pix Ola Cabs CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Belonging to paternal side of Bhavish’s family, the double murder since then has stirred quite a controversy as there was a blank call made to the police just hour before the murder, and the cops have detained the family’s domestic help, who now claims to have been badly beaten up by the police while she was in custody.

Here is what happened:

January 29

Jan. 29 – 12:43pm – A blank phone call is made to the police control room from Aggarwal’s domestic help Puja’s mobile phone. The call lasts for few seconds before being cut, the police doesn’t try to track the call.

– Around 01:30 pm – According to the police, the time at which the murders were committed.

– 02:15 pm – Puja, finds the bodies of two victims and informs the police.

– Police notice that a call was made to the police control room from Pooja’s cell phone, almost an hour before the murder. They suspect Puja’s involvement in the murder.


Feb. 1 – Police detain Puja and question her with regard to the murder. Find no clues.

– Puja is allowed to leave after a huge protest breaks out from her family and the migrant community that she belongs to.

– Puja’s family take her to hospital (she is still there) and protest further escalates that Puja was illegally detained and then then badly beaten up in Police custody.

– The protesters block Ferozepur Road and as members of other migrant communities to join them in their protest.

– The protesters who work as maid refuse to work and say that they will stay away for the next week as a mark of protest in support of Puja.

– Aggarwal family express concern about letting the domestic help go.

– The police say they are keeping an eye on Puja and her family.

– Police rounded up a suspect on February 4 during investigation

What must be noted:

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times Victims Pushpawati Aggarwal and Dr Sarita Aggarwal

  • Both the victims Bhavish’s grandmother Pushpawati Aggarwal, 84, and aunt Dr Sarita Aggarwal, 57 used to live together.
  • It is believed that unknown assailants killed both the victims.
  • The victims, had multiple injuries on their bodies including their head, throat, arms and legs.
  • The autopsy report suspects that a hammer may have been used to kill both the victims.
  • The autopsy also suggests that a knife was used to slit the victim’s throat.
  • No hammer has been recovered from the murder spot but the police have collected two kitchen knives that the suspect was used for murder .
  • Sarita Aggarwal was a gynaecologist by profession, while her husband is a cardiologist.
  • The initial police report suspects it to be a case of robbery, but police have also questioned two other domestic help in the area.
  • Besides Puja the police also had suspicion that the two former drivers of the family might be involved in the murder.
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