This Kid’s Reaction To Hardik Pandya’s Run Out Due To Ravindra Jadeja Is Priceless

9:44 pm 20 Jun, 2017

India is just not able to get over the recent loss to Pakistan in the final match of the Champions Trophy. More heartbreaking is the fact that people’s reactions are not just limited to hate comments and sad tales on social media, they physically displayed their rage against Pakistan by breaking TV sets, burning posters and crying on roads.

Cricket fans break television sets after India lost the Champions Trophy final match against Pakistan


For a cricket fan, there is no bigger sorrow than their favorite team losing the match. While we bit our lips, cried a little in the corner and pretended to be fine, this little boy vents it out like we all wanted to.

The boy in the video can be seen crying over India losing the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 Final after his favorite players got out one by one. Watching his country’s team losing, he just could not control his emotions and broke down. He then hilariously brags that players did not use their tactics well because of which they did not survive long. He, in fact, says even if India had managed to score five runs in an over, which consists of six balls, they could have lifted the trophy.

Adding to the cute complaints, a younger version of him standing next to him says that Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya could have played better. The kid has quite an understanding of cricket.

Meanwhile, the lady who is recording the video asks the crying kid to wipe his tears and take it like a sport.

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