A Lady Took A Uber Cab In Kochi. What She (And The Driver) Faced Next Is Disturbing.

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4:17 pm 2 Dec, 2016

The arrival of cab services in India has indeed somewhat hit the auto and bus services. Auto unions in various cities have previously protested against the cab operators such as Ola and Uber for “encroaching” on their turf, not having “permits”, etcetera. But what happened at Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala is a tad too much, perhaps.

Vidya Gopalakrishnan is a fashion designer who lives in the beautiful city of the southern state. A couple of days ago she had to go somewhere, so she hailed a cab via Uber.

What happened next was quite shocking for her and for anyone in the state or planning to visit it.

Her cab was blocked by a group of auto drivers who argued with the cab driver for, what they claim, snatching passengers away.

Vidya protested highlighting the cab was a bit more secure, the cab driver had a verified identity, and that there was nothing wrong in hiring a cab when the government is not against it. But the auto drivers would not listen. One of them argued that their service, too, has the mandate of the government.



In a Facebook post, Vidya clarified that the auto drivers did not assault her as was being reported by some, but argued with the driver.

Vidya is being praised for exposing what commentators on her posts said was the goondaism of the auto unions in the Left-ruled state.

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