A Construction Project In Kerala Is Showing Us How To Redefine Gender Stereotypes

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2:53 pm 29 Aug, 2015

In our patriarchal society where it is believed that household work or domestic work are meant for women while construction or labour work is mostly meant for men, women of Kerala are re-defining gender stereotypes.

Under an all-women scheme they are doing more than just minimal task at construction sites which is carrying bricks around.

This is India’s all women construction building site. Women, here, are doing everything from carrying bricks on their heads to designing and supervising the entire project.


This is the result of a Kerala government scheme that helps employ women and makes it possible for them to upgrade their skills.

Initially, there were apprehensions were cast over the ability of such a group to deliver a task as technical as construction. These women have, however, proved them wrong.

Two years into the construction, the women are keeping shoulder-to-shoulder with their male counterparts in the same field.

British news giant BBC’s special report on these women:


While it’s great to finally have schemes that help empower women and bring them at par with their male counterparts, it’s still sad to see that they do not get equal wages as men in the same job.


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