Arvind Kejriwal Takes up ‘Sewa’ At Golden Temple To Say Sorry For His “Unintentional Mistake”

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3:09 pm 18 Jul, 2016

Just hours after addressing Delhi on his show ‘Talk with AK‘, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was seen scrubbing dishes at Amritsar’s Golden Temple so as to “apologise”.

Just before sunset on July 17, Kejriwal took to scrubbing for what he called an “unintentional mistake” that his party had committed.


Earlier this month Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s youth manifesto was published with AAP party logo (a broom) being printed on the image of the Sikh shrine, Golden Temple.


Calling it an “unintentional mistake”, Kejriwal took to penance by scrubbing the dishes at the holy shrine.


Even though Kejriwal scrubbed the dishes, he was careful not to sweep the floors – considered an important service for penance – as he could have been accused of using his party symbol at the shrine.

After doing his “sewa” or service, Kejriwal said:




Kejriwal initially went around the shrine to offer his prayers and then went on to clean utensils at the “Langar Hall” which serves food to over one lakh people in a single day.

He stayed there for about 45 minutes before leaving.

The controversy had hit AAP at a crucial time, as they are preparing for an aggressive election battle in Punjab, which is to take place next year.

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