A Waitress’ Random Act Of Kindness Touched A Grieving Couple

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5:38 pm 11 Jun, 2015

Kayla Lane, is just another waitress in United States. But her actions, often borne out of kindness, make her stand apart. Recently, instead of giving a couple the bill at the restaurant where she works, she left them a note. All this, because she felt sorry for their loss, reports  CBS DFW.

Kayla, who says she is really good at remembering people, recognized Shaun and Debbie Riddle who were dining at the restaurant. She also remembered their newborn daughter, Glory, and asked about her. But she got as a reply was shocking. Shaun said:

 “Well, she passed away four weeks ago.”


At nine weeks old, baby Glory never woke up from a nap. Her parents still don’t know why. Kayla, who felt guilty for making them remember their loss, decided to leave them a message.


The couple was shocked. They tried to refuse, but Kayla said that the company took care of their bill. The restaurant manager, however, confirmed Kayla that paid for the meal out of her own pocket. She has a habit of picking up people’s tabs.

Kayla doesn’t have a lot, but she says it really doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day. Debbie Riddle agrees.


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