Facebook, Instagram And Twitter, You Have A New Guest. Yes, It’s Katrina Kaif

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10:28 pm 2 Jul, 2016

It seems like this heartbreak was for good. After all, isn’t it after ages that we saw Katrina happily posing for cameras instead of chiding them away?

Look at that glow!


Even while she kept making tabloid headlines, it was never for her words.

For one, Katrina has been the most closely guarded Bollywood personality — whose life might have been public, but her stand has never been.

In the last five years, where we saw stars coming more up and close to their fans through blue ticked accounts, Katrina chose to remain distant and unreachable.



But seems like ever since she broke up, she’s got a new lease of life.

In her ‘Vogue’ June edition, she revealed her inhibitions of social media and how it’s scary, yet something she’s been thinking of.

“I fear I might get into a war of words, constantly clarifying myself. I guess there is a positive and negative side to it. But it is something I say I have been thinking of doing for a while.”

 And here, finally, according to ‘DNA’, Katrina will officially be going online on her birthday -16 July.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – we are gonna see her pretty much everywhere.



She’s realized that social media is “one of the most powerful tools to convey one’s thoughts and opinions” and so she has decided to give it a try while she’s here.

The best part is, we are going to see Katrina just as raw as she is – no digital agencies and PR managers.

Better late than never, can’t wait to know her more close and personal.



Welcome, Kat! 


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