Katrina And Siddharth Surprised The Crowd With Their Kaala Chashma On Metro Station Today

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6:10 pm 30 Aug, 2016

September 9, Baar Baar Dekho’s release date is not too far.

The team is in full swing promotion mode with Katrina and Siddharth Malhotra taking charge in Jaipur. They surprised the crowd with a flash mob performance.


However, news of their arrival had already leaked and the otherwise lonely station saw a flood of fans pouring in with excitement to catch a glimpse of the duo.

And so, around 12:00 PM, both of them broke down to an impromptu dance making the fans go crazy. The crowd was of course, thrilled to see both the stars grooving to Kala Chashma.


Watch them here!



Come to Delhi soon, guys!

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