Coldplay’s Chris Martin Calls Katrina “Katrina Kaif Kapoor”. Co-host Priyanka Chopra Don’t Care

Priyanka Chopra recently introduced the Global Citizen Festival in New York. Coldplay’s lead singer, Chris Martin was also present at the event.


Martin came onstage to talk about a few Bollywood stars. Katrina Kaif was among the stars he mentioned. Except that he called her “Katrina Kaif Kapoor”. Priyanka Chopra acknowledged the gaffe with a silent “Oh!” She then kind of nodded towards Martin as if to say, never mind.

pc GCF2

Cue: Evil, Gabbar style laughter! indiatvnews


Meh, can you blame her? Who can keep track of who’s dating who, or who’s secretly married to who/what, in Bollywood these days? But talk about rubbing salt on Kat’s wounds. Ouch!


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